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Proposal for a training course

"Clown Social Actor"

(Clown and Theatre of the oppressed)


October 23 to November 5, 2010 (14 days)



“Caravane Théâtre”

“Parcourires Le Monde”

(Toulouse - France)


"Kàddu Yaraax"

(Dakar - Senegal)





CLOWN FORUM Spectacle prévention


- Introduction to clown techniques in an interactive theatre performance.

To understand how a clown can propose various possibilities keeping his gap or different wavelength and how he transposes the issues and the characters in interactive theatre performance with a poetic dimension.


- To bring the clown toward the social implication, the introspection and toward the transformation.

palace performence 155

- Creation and representation of a performance of forum theatre and image theatre/clown theatre.



Phases Days Activities Places


1 - October 23

Reception of the participants.

The welcome ceremony: courtesy visit group. Official programme. Presentation.

(Colony Hann on see)


2 - From the 24 to October 28

Formation with the clown theatre

(Colony Hann on see)


3 - October 29 and 30

Free rest and visits (clown outings).

(Colony and Dakar)


4 - October 31 November 1

Creation and clown performance for prevention.

Departure to the village where performance would be giving.


5 - 2, 3, 4 November

Stay and performance in a Village of Fatick area.


6 - November 5

Return back to Dakar.

Assessment and last meeting.


Public information


The intercultural meetings are above all a ways of travelling in-depth in the cultures, to meet truly the populations of the visited countries. For this reason, the tools proposed during the workshop of the formation are mediators/facilitators of "meetings".


The formations with the techniques of the "Clown" and/or the "Theatre Forum" are relevant to use within the professional, associative framework as in an objective of personal development. They are opened for all. No need to have any competences, or experience in theatre or clown theatre.



About "Caravane Théâtre" "Parcourires Le Monde" in Africa


For "Doctors Of the World" in Chad. We trained for the AIDS prevention a group of forty children of the streets "Educational Pars” using the Theatre Forum and the Clown Social actor Have a look on dailymotion





We intervened in 2009 in Louga (Senegal) for a formation with the Clown of social intervention and the Theatre Forum.

Have a look of the photographs and videos on the blog:

                                      "Parcourires Le Monde" au Sénégal Janvier 2010


Photo 045


                                                                    About "Kàddu Yaraax"



The association Kaddu Yaraax exists since November 93, it is located in the traditional district of Yarakh Tefess (Bay Area Hann, Hann current common). The organization is community-based cultural allegiance.. There are 17 active members in this organisation and the people of resources residing in the zones of intervention of our projects. This traditional mission is to organize community responses to all social oppression by strategies of social events, especially the Theatre Forum.

With the collaboration - a partnership of public authorities and non-governmental organizations, the association involves people in the areas of environment, education, the fight against poverty, the fight against AIDS, health promotion artistic culture, science and technology.


Word of directing "Diol" of association "Kàddu Yaraax"


"We are for an approach inclusive and participative project, we accept the project and I will fight personally for its success. One is together for "Parcourires Le Monde"


For more information see their Web site: link



General information on the meetings inter cultural and training courses organized by "Parcourires Le Monde"



Association “Caravane Théâtre” "Parcourires Le Monde" is not a "travel Agency".


This association look for organizing  the partnerships.

It is responsible for the formations and animations concerning the techniques of clown and theatre forum (quality of the teaching contents, unrolled activities).

It acts as the facilitators during the intercultural meetings, It organises and drives all the work.

It gets the information about the local life, the cost of lodgings and food.


This association contributes and helps the installation and the stay of the participants during the period of the actions.


The flow of participants, booking airline tickets or any other service that are the prerogative of the few "operators" are the sole responsibility of the participants.


The cost of the meeting


Training cost itself (pedagogy for the courses of clown)

300 Euros including all taxes (according the financial possibility of participants, student, actors …)

Creation and the setting in scene of the performance

A DVD of the performance.

A DVD of the photographs taken during work.



The cost of stay


1 – The stay in Dakar will be at apartments. Each apartment is for 4 people.             The apartment costs 25 euros per  day (to be divided by the number of participants).

These apartments are in a small hotel located at two steps of the beach (N’Gor).


2 - Breakfasts and evening meal canbe taken in the hotel or in small establishments, It’s up to you.

To at least count 5 to 6 Euros per day for the unit: breakfast and dinner.


3 - "Kàddu Yaraax" will deal the lunch.


4 - Daily transport:  The daily transports will cost around two euros par day per person. The Lodging is a few kilometres away from the place of the training course in the village of N’Gor.

The training course will be done in the buildings of association "Kàddu Yaraax" located at the heart of the district of the fishermen with "Hann on sea", commune of suburbs which belong to the district of Large Dakar.


5 - For transport in the village of Kaolack, it is necessary to consider an amount of 12 Euros by people outward journey and return, we will be in only in one village of Kaolack.



The village of Yarakh


Littoral of bay of Hann: the bay of Hann is  located on the Eastern frontage of the peninsula of the Green Cape between the point of Beautiful-Air and the village of Mbao (in North east of Dakar) The traditional fishermen consider that the bay of Hann was one of the most significant nurseries of under area.


Its strategic situation supported the establishment of infrastructures like the port and the production facilities. All the industrial sectors are represented in the bay and it has gathered more than 60% of national industrial fabric. For this reason, the bay of Hann constitutes a site with great stakes. The establishments around bay since 1920 were constructed without supervision and without control of environmental standards. That is why today, it gathers all the problems of environmental pollution of the bays of Dakar: This beautiful bay has become a “trashbay” a place of many industrial effluent discharge., urban used water discharges, rejection of storm-water sewers, beach of bathe, ' beach-port' of fishing, small processing industries, habitats in traditional villages, habitats in villas standing wild discharges, ' official ' discharges, tourism and conflicts of use. Since 1993, the actors in place under the coordination of the Management of the Environment and the listed establishments take actions of rehabilitation of bay.





Jean Pierre Besnard






Phone +33 6 08 28 89 97













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