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Friday 23 january 2009 5 23 /01 /2009 10:23

"Caravane Théâtre"-"Parcourires Le Monde"


 In " World Social Forum " Mumbai and Porto Alegre


"Parcourires Le Monde" citizen of the world

Clowns in world social forum in Mumbai and in Porto Algere


Article by JP Besnard director – january 2009

The clown that we know and we practice has obviously a place in world’s events. With his big nose full of hope and mischief, he must go out to sniff to know what brews better there where future is invented clown is a Global citizen and a social actor.

Attending a World Social Forum also signifies looking forward to meet those people who are seeking for new, Additional or simply other ways to “live together”. It is also a recharge of your indignation capacity, sharing of your doubts and your certainties (this is a basic need of a clown).

Doing theatre and / or clown, is to communicate above all. It refers to a sharing with others to create a language, a poem.

But beyond that it allows to meet those who do not frequent theatres, not necessarily places of culture, to meet people from all over the world, people of all backgrounds to share and create with them concrete actions around common values. 

We left for Mumbai with our fellows of Emmaus Pau Lascar, with the Burkinabe of the Association AIDMR. In Jaipur we found the association JKSMS composed of social workers, young orphans, actors and clowns trained by us the year before.

Neither five companions of Emmaus, nor Burkinabe had practiced or done theatre or clown.



“Anyone can do theatre

And everybody can practice the clown

Even actors"

Together we developed a theatrical performances based on Image Theatre. The topic chosen was the condition of the world, and we presented it in the world social forum. (It’s easier to use the body than a language) And non verbal unifies!


 The particepants for Bombay


We brought together the Uruguayans of the association "Saludarte" to whom I had already given a clownworkshop few months earlier, "Clowndestinos" the group of clowns of “Rio Grande do Sul” company, towhom I have already trained one year ago, and the well known street theatre company "Oi Nois Traveiz Aqui".

We started with a fifteen days training in Rio Grande, and then 15 days workshop of "Forum Theatre", "Image theatre" and "Clown Theatre". All together we prepared a performance of “Image Theatre” on the condition of the world, with more than fifty actors. To show how to save our planet, the negative effect of GMO we used "Forum Theatre"

The French clowns of Caravan Theatre gave an evening performance to show how they use clown for and in social issues.


Image Theatre in Mumbai


Image Theatre in Porto Alegre

The forum theatre is a different way to question the difficult issues and problems of world and to find out a solution. The act of clown is derived by a humour and ridicule which brings a kind of freshness and naivety thus helps to overthrow taboo. The "Forum Theatre" seeks to change the reality by concentrating on the concrete situation, with the help of dialogue and by a direct questioning. Different, but both techniques support each together very well.

The clown brings a spring of folly which helps to become the imagination audacious. In "Forum Theatre" or "Image Theatre" we show a problem and these are the spectators who take the place of actor to change the situation and to find out the solutions of the problem!


The clown is a precious help for the "Theatre Forum", he can play the role of an active spectator during representation of "Theatre Forum". He allows of to underline the facts and to create of the cohesion among the spectators. He helps to arouse reactions, feelings.. .



The clowns as an active spectator during Forum Theatre in Mumbai



The clowns in "Bové family"

The clowns as active spectators of "Forum Theatre" In Porto Alegre


The clown who has this specific capacity to create some empathy, and to intervene directly in the " Theatre Forum " and the " Theatre Images ", helps the timid or shiest spectators, especially the women and the children, to intervene directly on stage, to dare to give their opinion and to propose their solutions.


Clowns’intervention during Forum Theatre



The clowns show solidarity with the actors of the " Forum Theatre "

they manifest against



The clown allows to pass beyond the taboos. He incites to the debate because he is the best person to tackle all sensitive themes, as sexuality ?

"When we laugh we can speak about everything"



The Indian clowns promote the use of condoms




The clowns opened the debate around the AIDS

The actors are questioning the "spectators" 

The clown knows hos to difuse the violent situations

He uses symbols in spite of "acting out"


A clowne "peace-loving person" intervenes and calms down the passions raised by the show

The clown, this common citizen is an example

for the weakest, and underprivileged persons

He shows us that whatever is possible for him is possible for others.

He brings the humour in every circumstance 



Manifestation for peace

(In the heart of social Forum in Mumbai)



The whole theatre company manifests « Together we have a dream:

A better world is possible»


The clowns bring a little humour in their demands.

During world social Forum



The clowns in the first ligne of  « Batucada »

(Opening of social forum in Porto Alegre)

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