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29 novembre 2009 7 29 /11 /novembre /2009 12:04
Sumit Shanker (professional manager)

When I first came to know about the concept of clown, the picture that came in my mind was of a person trying to make other people laugh and nothing beyond that. I visualized clown as a person wearing funny dress, a long cap hanging from the top and a round red nose. Being a management professional and messed up in my hectic schedule it was difficult for me to take out time for such a workshop. But then I came to know about the director of workshop Mr Jean Pierre and the work done by him all around the world. I was impressed by the kind of work he was doing for various social causes in India and abroad. So I decided to join the workshop so that I get a chance to meet Mr Pierre. Now after experiencing this workshop my views about clown has totally changed

. • Clown workshop was wonderful experience. Every thing was very well managed and coordinated Jean and Umesh (B2). Each day was new for the participants and we discovered more and more about clown.

• The location of workshop was also wonderful and soothing.
 • Clown workshop helps to view this world in a different way, to think differently and to react from our heart instead from our mind. Clown makes you think beyond normal routine thinking.
 • Clown opens you to a new world. It was a cross cultural workshop and the participants were from all around the world, but after 2 – 3 days we were able to communicate with each other in a comfortable way and soon we developed a bonding for each other.

As a management professional I gained insight into the world of human psychology. Now I can understand my people in a better manner. I can feel others feeling. This workshop has really changed my think process. I feel relaxed, free and above all – always smiling. I thank Jean Pierre for all this wonderful experience 

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Nicolas 21/12/2009 06:08

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Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation sur votre site qui mérite d'être vu.
A bientôt et joyeuses fêtes
Nicolas graphiste à Montréal

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